Stop Government Housing Intensification on Hibiscus Coast

Everyone on the Hibiscus Coast is affected by the government driven housing intensification – promoted by Labour and supported by National and the Greens – that comes into effect this August 2022

This Medium Density Residential intensification could happen next door, in your street and community.  In most areas the new zoning allows as of right 3 houses, 3 stories (up to 12 metres) per property with building allowed 2.5 metres from the front boundary and 1 metre from the back and side boundaries.

There is no requirement for on-site parking and no resource consent that might otherwise alert neighbours. Further information is available on the Auckland Council website. All of this means a lot more housing density that will mean more pressure on infrastructure - so we can expect more sewage overflows and polluted beaches, more traffic congestion, accidents and parking problems on our roads, worse flooding and more pressure on community facilities not built to cope with much larger numbers of people.

Then there is the pressure on local schools, medical facilities, clubs and so on that are already under stress. And the pressure on the city as a whole.  There isn’t adequate funding now by Council or Government and there isn’t provision for enough extra funding in the future for the extra costs of growth.

Plus the housing intensification will be driven by the market in an uncoordinated way; budgeting and planning for development that can occur anywhere, anytime is a huge problem.  Auckland’s heritage areas are under special threat. What we can expect is that many developers will build to the maximum – the increased property prices they will pay on a property purchase as a result of the increase in development density incentivise this.

So property prices in many locations may go up and the resulting housing will likely be less affordable for everyone on a per square metre of home basis. Then there is the impact on the property that is developed.  Expect everything to be excavated for a flat building platform with a concrete pad.  All the trees will go and if there’s a slope there’ll be boundary retaining with fences on top.

Your property next door can expect to be shaded with inadequate sun for effective solar heating or panels, have windows overlooking with likely noise and privacy effects plus much more street parking (if there’s space).  If you enjoy a view then think what a 12 metre development will do in the way.  You can see this type of development around much of Auckland now.

The Governments legislation is faulty and not well informed by the unintended consequences.  A groundswell of opposition is needed through this petition so that MPs across all parties get the message to change the legislation.

Auckland Council needs to understand that the Hibiscus Coast and especially Whangaparaoa is not suited to higher levels of housing density.  The Auckland Unitary Plan already has now provision for up to 900,00 extra homes in a planned coordinated way plus an additional 100,000 in the central city area - this amounts to a million homes - enough already planned by Auckland Council for the next 30 years.

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