Stop the Stench! Cover Seaview Wastewater Treatment Plant


  • Did you know that approx 7000 people work in the Seaview/Gracefield Industrial Estate? not to mention the number of people from surrounding residential areas who drive through it every day....
  • Did you know that the odour from the Waste Water Treatment plant affects property values in the area?
  • Did you know that the treatment plant frequently apologise for the stench they create to the local businesses in writing, meaning there is no denying that the smell is coming from them?
  1. Technology is available to end the odour nuicence from Seaview WWTP. Other Councils across NZ have already implemented some of them. 
  2. Simply put: odours need to be contained and the gases recycled. 
  3. Some efforts have been made to reduce smell at Seaview but they aren't working and there is a lot more than can still be done! 
  4. Let's put an end to it once and for all and push to get the upgrades needed to make Seaview as much a recreational area as it is an industrial area. It has so much to offer! 

OUR Seaview Wastewater Plant

This image shows a birds eye view of our Seaview Waste Water Treatment Plant. 

Those four large cylinder shapes are full of Human waste, that is what the dark substance is and they are open-air... meaning there is nothing at all preventing the toxic gases reaching our airways. Pretty gross and completely unacceptable in an age where space travel could literally be your next holiday destination (if you have a spare $26mill).  

To give you an idea of scale, consider the width of the road around the Plant and the size of 1 car taking up half of the road... this should help give you some idea of how many cars full of Human waste we are expected to tolerate... We arent living in England in the 1500's, This is New Zealand in 2021... There is no excuse.


In comparison, Here's Hawkes Bay....

Those shiny space observatory looking globes are lidded sewerage treatment plants connected up to a filtration system where the air in cleaned.


And Gisborne...


And Hastings...


As a resident of Eastbourne and an employee of Seaview Industrial Estate, I cant help asking "Why are we all putting up with this stink, when we dont have to?"

The benefits of installing this technology...

  1. Improve/Eradicate the Stench for the workers and residents alike
  2. Encourage more businesses to move into the area
  3. Improve property prices
  4. Remove Methane and Hydrogene Sulphite from the atmosphere
  5. Contribute towards our cleaner greener environmental goals
  6. Enhance local recreational services in the area, more people will stop to sit outside cafe's to drink coffee or visit the parks if they know they wont have to put up with the smell. 


So, unless you dont mind the smell of human excrement on your way to work, home or if you work in Seaview ALL DAY, I encourage you to sign this petition and lets put an end to "Smelly Seaview"!


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