the mahurangi river is a river stationed throughout warkworth,auckland,NZ.  since the river is stationed all throughout warkworth is catches ecsess amounts of waste water due to small things such as car washes. the waste water going into the river, isnt only damadging the clarity of the water, but what many people dont know is that there are many different species of macro invertebrates all throughout the river and waste water can harm or even kill them. the river is an important and buetifull part of warkworth and it is up to us to make sure it stays healthy and safe. 

many people know about the new buildings and developments going into warkworth, theese new developments includes the grange and an estimate of 600 new housing structers withing the next few years. other than the fact that theese developments were made unaware by the locals with one reident stating "no one said there was going to be a 24/7 mac donalds and what abut the lighting at night? we ae going to have that blimming golden arch shining in our bedroom window!"theese new buildings will be adding so much excess waste water to the river and there is only so much that we can do by sighning this petition you are saying that you want to change the amount of waste water going into the river and that you want the safer waste water plan and that you will try to alert others f where our waste water could be going.

it would be great to get some feed back so feel free to leave a message it would be great. thankyou 

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