No music desert in Basel!

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2014-12-09 21:38

I think that music is a universal language through which the human spirit is given a chance to soar. It is noble of Switzerland to accept in their countries all these talented musicians and in return Switzerland gains their beautiful performances and creations - A fare exchange!!! Keep giving them all a chance!!



2014-12-10 20:24

Switzerland has, occasionally, been known for its inflexibility on matters of immigration and settlement policy. This is unfortunate, as can be seen in this case.



2014-12-13 11:55

For most people working in the field of music, multiple jobs are the norm. Teaching, researching, and performing are all vitally interconnected aspects of being well-rounded in the field of music



2014-12-14 18:22

On commence par se débarrasser de ce que l'on croit être le nécessaire et on finit par se priver de l'essentiel !
Dans un sketch de Fernand Reynaud (grand comique français des années 60), il était question de ruraux qui faisaient tout pour que l'étranger de leur village (à l'époque c'était un Italien) retourne chez lui car comme tous les étrangers, il "venait manger le pain des Français". A force de lui pourrir la vie, un beau jour, il partit.
C'est alors que les villageois commencèrent à se plaindre qu'ils n'avaient plus de pain ... l'étranger était boulanger !



2014-12-17 18:06

It is unfortunate that beautiful Switzerland has gone the way of the US In being hostile to emigration.  Free the borders!  We are global citizens!



2014-12-23 23:45

I have and have had students study in Basel and have begun their careers in Basel. I also have colleagues to have studied and now teach in Basel at the Scola. This directive seems completely at odds with what I would have imagined Basel to be. This directive will essentially destroy important research, teaching, and music-making.



2014-12-26 08:43

Guys, Please sign the petition! It takes some seconds, but it affects the fate of musicians. In the European Union are going to pass a law that prohibits the students of music universities - aliens to stay in the EU after graduation. This means that, for instance, my friend, who finished our conservatory and is now working in Switzerland, will be forced to return to Ukraine, and again to work hard for the 1500 - 2000 UAH., despite his talent and professionalism! Please, sign the petition!



2014-12-26 19:33

That's outrageous, looks like a campaign against culture!


2014-12-30 05:11

I can accept countries needing policies on immigration, but certain professions where you are pulling your weight financially and adding to the culture of a country is

  an ideal that shouldn't be pushed away. Musicians have always been nomadic. There has never been and never will be enough work to go round on a 75% permanent basis. I understand Switzerland wants to maintain it's high living standards and living wage, but Switzerland should embrace that it is possible for musicians to do this in their country and in return they get some the best concerts going worldwide. Focus on controlling the borders for those who do lower the minimum wage by under-cutting the traditional Swiss 'working class', but don't sacrifice a relatively tiny number of people who add to the culture and have trained as long as doctors in your bid to control immigration.



2014-12-30 10:30

eine Stadt ohne musikalische Kultur hat keine Zukunft



2014-12-30 12:24

I have worked with so many amazing musicians from Basel, and as a freelance artist myself, I know how difficult it can be when it comes to immigration laws, as our earnings don't often come from a single source. There needs to be a change so that artists are not penalized for the nature of the profession.



2014-12-30 13:10

I am an electrical engineer that loves singing and sings in multiple choral groups. I feel this is wrong because these musicians are not illegals and have come to the country to learn an art form and to practice it.



2014-12-30 16:56

Es una lastima que una ciudad tan bella y de tanto movimiento cultural, tenga que sufrir la perdida de músicos por cuestiones políticas. A través de los años hemos disfrutado de tantos ensambles, cantantes y músicos nacidos o formados en Basilea y queremos continuar disfrutando de la música que se crea y ejecuta en esa ciudad.



2014-12-31 13:01

Eine Schande! Meine volle Unterstützung für die öffentlich verteidigte Initiative von Andreas Scholl!



2014-12-31 13:33

The same and old history!
European import people when they need or find it "interesting" somehow.
But in a while they decide differently and start to spread the idea that "foreigners have to go home"!!!
We all live in the same planet! It belongs to all of us!
We all have the inherent rights to be wherever we want!



2014-12-31 16:49

wszyscy musza miec dostep do najlepszych osiagniec kultury, zwlaszcza w tak znaczacym kraju jak Szwajcaria



2014-12-31 17:58

Was wird diese Welt! Es ist überal nicht zu verstehen.
Was denken sie? Das die Welt besser wird ohne Musik? Oder dass nur Musiker aus dem Canton von Basel es in Basel kann machen?



2014-12-31 18:59

I was totally depressed when I read about the new
conditions for musicians. I hope that those responsible for the cultural life, not only of Basel but of Switzerland in general, will think this over thoroughly and find a good solution.



2015-01-01 10:05

Arts in general and music in particular should be encouraged in any way, supporting musicians. They can contribute to change positivly the minds of people.


#20 kathleen kelly

2015-01-01 17:32

Bravi to all who support free and open trade of ideas, culture, and skills! We need to break down fear and division across our whole planet. 



2015-01-02 08:30

I was "Fest" at Theater Basel from 1989-1992. I learned the repertoire there which led to my international career. I sang some concerts for the Paul-Sacher Stiftung while living in Basel for 5 years, collaborating with Jean Jaques Duenki, Rainer Altorfer and James and Jeannie Galway, among others. It was those experiences which led to my international career.I am forever indebted to Basel.I must say that I had little ontact with the early music scene in Basel, being as I was busy at the Theater, but I began my career in New York as mezzo-soprano soloist for the Waverly Consort. I implore Basel-Stadt to reconsider their position. I support all musicians students or professionals in Basel, unconditionally. Please contat me if I may be of help. Thank you, Andreas, and all who support this initiative. MfG,Ihre Kimball Wheeler.



2015-01-02 08:50

Open-mindedness is part of civilized society. Please move a step toward it.



2015-01-02 17:55

Alles mit Augenmass, Musiker, Gute gibts ja nun wirklich nicht zu viele, die findet man wohl nicht so einfach in der Schweiz.



2015-01-03 00:25

I fully support this cause!



2015-01-03 11:50

Ich unterzeichne, damit Basel eine Kulturstadt bleibt!
Sonst wird aus Basel ein kulturelles Provinzkaff!!!