Fenced Dog Agility Park Tauranga

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2015-03-16 10:16

For dogs and their owners to have a safe place to run and exercise free - in a town where a lot of places are 'off limits'. I'm not a dog owner but I wholeheartedly support this.



2015-03-16 10:42

Fenced parks are safe for all. Dogs need to burn energy and be stimulated. Fenced areas for dogs would benefit the community



2015-03-16 17:16

We need a fully fenced dog park in Tauranga and with the amount of caring dog owners here it would be very well used and much appreciated.



2015-03-16 18:49

Great idea



2015-03-16 23:45

Because it's about time there was a fenced dog agility park in tauranga considering how many dog owners there are and how many parks and public places here don't allow dogs



2015-03-17 06:38

We need a designated safe dog park in Tauranga. The council seem to be getting more and more anal over dogs in Yatton Park . Next thing you know they will have "keep off the grass" signs!


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2015-03-17 07:53

Brilliant! There are so many no-go zones for dogs, it would be fabulous to have somewhere that's a definite go zone for dogs.  Love the idea of an agility section!



2015-03-17 09:17

I am supportive of areas designated for the safe play and exercise for pet dogs.



2015-03-17 09:47

There are no parks in Tauranga and I feel there is a desperate need for one



2015-03-17 20:12

As responsible dog owner I would like to support this petition to have such an area in Tauranga



2015-03-17 21:48

We need a safe area where dogs can have fun and play off leash without getting complaints from other people!



2015-03-17 23:38

Because we need a place like this to take our dogs as we are restricted of places were we can take them......and as long as owners have them under control etc......plus we don't get much else for our dogs from the Council.......



2015-03-18 04:06

We need this, and since there is so many dog owners, there is a lot of registration money, surely it can be done. It will help on solving the problem about unsocialised dogs, etc.



2015-03-18 04:17

Would love to have a safe place for our dogs to play



2015-03-18 05:23

They need more stuff here in tauranga for dogs be fun place for them and their owners.



2015-03-18 06:18

About time Tauranga had a dog friendly park. Preferably for big dogs. No matter where I walk my dog in Tauranga, you have these annoying owners of 'lap dogs' who quickly pick their dog up as if the lil rat is going to be eaten.



2015-03-18 07:03

Hope it happens be awesome



2015-03-18 07:22

So that my friends have a lovely area to take their dogs :)



2015-03-18 08:26

We have visited two fantastic dog parks in Christchurch on a regular basis when we lived there. They are council owned and maintained and we loved that they were safe (fenced) and big enough for a large number of dogs to be exercised without any problems. A water fountain was provided for humans and dogs alike :) There were also plastic bags and rubbish bins.They are fantastic areas and a great place to be able to adequately exercise energetic dogs off leash.



2015-03-18 08:37

We frequently visit Tauranga a dog park would make a huge difference



2015-03-18 09:08

I don't own a dog but i think this is a long overdue, wonderful idea,



2015-03-18 09:40

I think it a good idea that this allows dogs to exercise without a lead and there be no risk of them escaping


#23 Re:

2015-03-18 09:44

#16: -  

 Hi, I'm all for big dogs, but my little one is a timid and so easier to pick her up. Hope we can get her to socialise with you and your dog at the new park. :)



2015-03-18 09:45

I want my dog to run free and be safe, that is her right in life.



2015-03-18 09:55

Because I have a dog and all dog owners need an area where they can let their dogs run free without worrying about them getting loose and non-friendly dog people complaining about dogs not on a leash.

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