NZAP (New Zealand Animal Police) We MUST have a New System Who CAN Enforce the Law!



2015-09-23 12:54

Because it is right on the money. The cruelty must stop



2015-09-23 12:58

because its cruel.



2015-09-23 14:41

Dogs in pounds on chains is dsm cruel dam disgusting im against thst behAviour



2015-09-23 17:40

I love dogs and believe that they should not be chained up. No animal should.



2015-09-23 19:40

Just heartbreaking- if you can't do it to humans don't do it to dogs



2015-09-23 20:39

no animal should be chained 24/7



2015-09-24 01:02

If there was a petition to advocate the freedom, respect for, and right to live a happy, contented, "natural"( relative to the species concerned, in this petition, the magnificent Dog) and safe Life for every single sentient Being at the mercy of Human "ownership" on the Planet, i would (sign it). Over and over. Until ALL proper treatment is achieved. Thank you.



2015-09-24 01:41

Because its disgusting how animals of all breeds are treated by some humans and if we don't stand up to these disgusting humans it will get worse and we need to speak on the animals behalf



2015-09-24 07:46

Dogs are very intelligent creatures, and more so than many of the people who own or have control over them. The 'progress' of a society can be measured by the way its members treat its animals. We are not doing a great job in this respect.



2015-09-24 08:20

Because chaining up a dog in one spot outside is cruelty. They have done nothing to deserve this barbaric life. If the owner does not want to have the dog as part of their family then they should not have a dog under their care.



2015-09-24 09:03

This is so disgusting its unacceptable and should not be allowed.



2015-09-25 00:20

No creature should be chained 24/7. The NZ pound system needs better regulation and rules and not an adhoc system as present.



2015-09-25 09:38

There are too many vunerable animals dying everyday in our NZ pounds yet America is trying to move to all no kill shelters why can't we?



2015-09-25 11:12

Because this is a major injustice



2015-09-27 13:59

animals have rights ..



2015-10-07 19:51

Animals have feelings too. Treating them with love & respect enhances our own humanity.
Dog lover


2016-05-02 07:42

Sick of seeing people get away with beating/fighting an animal to death and just getting a slap on the hand. Community service and a $1000 fine that they pay at $5 a week what a joke!!



2016-05-02 12:47

i signed this petition because I believe such a proposal is truly needed in order to protect the rights of dogs in a far more efficient and responsible way, where the good intentions of reliable people are followed through, where commitment to the cause remains vigilant. because dogs are such beautiful loving souls and they deserve the kind of loyalty they show us.



2016-05-02 13:10

Because I believe animals have every right we do as humans. They are living breathing creatures that feel pain and experience emotion and hurt. They deserve to have protection, security and law when needed and they certainly deserve to be treated kindly no exceptions. #justiceforanimals



2016-05-02 16:27

This is an awesome idea and way over due. ..



2016-05-02 18:49

It makes me so sad, hurt, and angry, when I see animals mistreated. Especially dogs.



2016-05-02 20:14

We have a poor culture in this country of abusing the innocent. It says a lot about us as human beings if we ignore this and allow animals to be unprotected outside of business hours.



2016-05-02 21:07

Because the laws are no good .. To many poor animals being miss treated and they need us to be there voice.



2016-05-02 21:35

I signed because it's the right thing to do we need to stop animal abuse the best we can !



2016-05-02 21:57

We are the voice for the voiceless. Animals need our help there is far to much cruelty an abuse in this world towards innocent animals.

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