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2016-03-23 21:52

Because I wholeheartedly agree that the T2 lane in question is actually a hindrance to the flow of traffic.



2016-03-23 22:04

The problems caused to all the car drivers are much more than the potential benefits to the infrequent buses and multiple passenger vehicles along this strip.



2016-03-23 22:14

my office is at akoranga drive and i feel removing of t2 lane will not only cause conjuction as its a busy road, but also costing time



2016-03-23 22:26

The number of cars wanting to turn left (but still trying to comply) means that there are a lot of dangerous last minute lane changes. I have also seen people going through the intersection and then u turning back so that they can get to where they want to go. At peak times this creates massive delays.



2016-03-23 22:48

Turning out of The Warehouse way, travelling up to 50 metres, waiting to change lanes, travelling 300 metres, then waiting to change back into the left lane is an extremely dangerous manoeuvre due to the amount of traffic on that road at that time - especially in winter when it's dark and potentially very wet.



2016-03-23 22:53

Because the T2 lane creates conjestion.
Traffic turning onto College Road now have to sit and block the right had lane.



2016-03-23 23:09

Because its annoying



2016-03-23 23:12

Remove ALL T2, T3 and bus lanes.



2016-03-23 23:14

I drive down this road every day and it is shocking.



2016-03-24 00:10

The Warehouse way traffic is blocked all the way and the T2 lane is causing the big headache. It took me 1 night 1/2 hour just to get out of the carpark



2016-03-24 00:20

AMEN!!!! I am surprised that there hasnt been an accident per day@!!



2016-03-24 01:30

I travel on this route every day



2016-03-24 01:40

Because when I leave work, I turn left into Akaranga Drive, then left into College Road. I am often caught up in the unnecessary traffic jam running from College Road back down Akaranga into The Warehouse Way and onto the Akaranga off ramp from the Northern Motorway.
The T2 lane is usually completely empty - a complete waste of space and people's time, not to mention causing poor traffic flow.
If the T2 lane is to stay, it should kick in AFTER the intersection of College Rd and Akaranga Drive, not before.



2016-03-24 01:56

There are approx. 1000 people working in The Warehouse building, not to mention Samsung, Cannon and the surrounding buildings. The congestion at 5pm when everyone leaves work is horrendous and made even worse by the fact that the T2 lane is there and people are trying to obey the T2 rules just to hop back into the left lane at the lights to turn left onto College Road.


2016-03-24 03:18

The likelihood of a $150 fine prevents me from using this lane anyway, but it would definitely improve traffic congestion greatly at peak times in the afternoon - as it's also a thoroughfare for those needing to get on the motorway to go south.



2016-03-24 09:26

I have to turn at the lights, but have to pull across two lanes of traffic and then pull back into the T2 lane to go left not even 400 metres up the road! This just causes a traffic jam and does not alleviate traffic at all!!

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