Let's remove the T2 Lane between 4-6 pm on Akoranga Drive - from 'The Warehouse Way intersection traffic lights' to the 'College Street traffic lights' (North Bridge Hospital side) and  leave it as a two laned road.


At present it is a T2 Lane, a lane which is meant to improve travel efficiency between 4-6 pm for transit vehicles. (Buses, Taxis and other vehicles carrying multiple occupants.) I don’t doubt that the majority of T2 lanes help to do this, but at this time of day there are more people that need to use this lane to turn left. Because this lane is a T2 Lane it means a car can't turn into this lane until 50 metres before the intersection. 

This backs traffic up to the driveways of businesses on The Warehouse Way Road, AUT gates and past the traffic lights of The Warehouse Way from the motorway. This is an occurrence happening every day of the working week. 


If this were to be a two laned road between 4-6 pm like it is the other 22 hours of the day you would alleviate traffic in this time frame. By doing this I don’t believe that it would decrease travel efficiency for transit vehicles but in return make the road itself free flowing and safer between this timeframe.