Call for a fair unbiased visa treaty between Australia and PNG

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2011-08-09 02:04

Thanks Guys I have just signed the petition. Hope others will...Best of luck to us.



2011-08-09 03:26

Genuine Papua New Guineans need a fairgo as much as Australians do.



2011-08-09 03:33

I think they should strongly implement this cos we are really treated like animals by Australians .

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2011-08-09 08:25

True PNGs


2011-08-09 08:35

When can we start to stand up and tell Aussie to "F" with these unfair colonial racial treatment? If such systems are bias and unfair, why don't we write our own and enforce them for the sake of this sovereign nation. We are tire and sick of these racial treatments like making our Prime Minister remove his shoe at the airport security check. Trust me no Papua New Guineans will politely ask any Australian Prime Minister to do that.

Let's stand up and do it right for ourselves.



2011-08-09 12:03

The inequity between government policy needs to be addressed.
It is ironic that our closest neighbours and allies are treated. in such a poor manner.
Lets hope the situation can be reversed with a show of good faith from the Hicomm.



2011-08-11 02:22

Thanks just signed. Hope it all works out for us..


#8 #8

2011-08-11 07:23

If we are going use Mateship, Comaradeship when addressing during ANZAC memorials why doesn't the same words echo/filter thru every other day.



2011-08-12 04:51

Enough is Enough!! So long as I have a Pass Port and a two way ticket; what's the big deal??



2011-08-12 05:27

No more spectating. Everybody please sign the petition.


#11 Re:

2011-08-16 03:48

#5: True PNGs -  

 You might be interested to know that the Governor General of Australia was recently required to go back and complete security screening as well.  Not even the highest figure in the land is exempt from these security checks.  It is not targeting any foreign dignitaries when Australia requires the same of its own leaders :)

In fact the only people exempt from these security checks in Australia are the Queen and the Pope!!

So please don't jump onto the racism bandwagon unnecessarily.



2011-08-17 07:01

Great initiative and thanks for taking action :)



2011-08-22 07:05

I am in total support of this petition as a concerned Papua New Guinean.



2011-08-23 11:12

We should be sharing and working together and not treating others
as inhuman



2011-08-24 00:34

Same case in Vanuatu, such practice must stop



2011-08-30 16:03

For the treatment Australia is giving to us, we will return the favor. Australia knows that PNGans are SMARTER than them and do not want PNG to advance.



2011-09-13 03:59

We want to be treated fairly as well...Please Australia, see us as human beings and not what you think...



2011-09-16 08:32

why are we being mistreated like this, noone in this world waits outside in a carpark for a visa to be processed its unheard of.....Can we write to the Australian Immigration Minister for an answer......



2011-09-27 01:34

I wholeheartedly agree with what Simon Merton wrote.



2011-09-27 07:09

I totally support this intiative. We should not be treated unfairly in our own country.



2011-09-27 08:52

Nothing has changed. I was put through the third degree by an Australian woman employee of the AHC in 1990 when seeking a visa for a PNG friend to accompany me to Australia on holiday. Some of the questions asked were none of her bloody business. These questions were extra to those already answered on their application forms. Now I see PNG scholars arriving almost always late for their school year in Australia due to delays in visa processing. Someone needs a good shake up. It's disgraceful and nothing less than unbridled xenophobia. Good on you Mr Merton for taking this up.

#22 Good Initiative

2011-09-27 11:41

Good initiative, we should do more to ensure this whole process as well as attitudes of PNG nationals working at the AHC is improved or the nationals be sacked. This has been going on for years!!! Be looking to lend my support to any initiatives on this matter.



2011-09-27 16:10

If the report on this crap and unfair treatment is true, then the Papua New Guineans working in there should be ashamed of themselves. Papua New Guineans can't be treated in this manner on their own soil. I am in support of doing away with such nonsensical and disgusting behaviour. Come on, wantoks, let's all join the fight for justice!



2011-09-28 01:52

The rest of the world entering Aussie land get "A" class treatment, PNG is treated like thrash, while they laugh away getting visas on arrival. 

Its a shame! They treat Melanesians (Fiji, Vanuatu, PNG and Solomon Islands), as "KANAKAs", when the black bird trading ended in 1908!!  This is mordern era colonialism.  What a racist attitude!!

Papua New Guinea Government should raise this concern at the highest level and not bow down to the colonial masters.

The days of "Yesa Masts" is long gone.




2011-09-28 08:58

The visa issue is unacceptable considering all the historical, cultural, economical, geographical and political relationship the two countries share. Australia clearly hates us...we have had enough of this shit!