Say NO to removal of right turn from N.North Rd to Mt Albert Rd.

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2016-09-13 01:48

as i Use that Right Turn everyday to get home
By removing it will create congestion and traffic
I think it is dangerous to remove



2016-09-13 03:02

I make this right hand turn almost on a daily basis - the closest street that I would be able to therefore turn onto Mt Albert Road is Maclean Street next to Hebron school -this would put alot more traffic onto a street with school children around.
Calab Vincent-goncalves
The author of this petition

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2016-09-13 03:13

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 Thank u for your comment, please share this petition as there are strength in numbers


Vinnys barbershop



2016-09-13 06:41

Its the only right turn across busy traffic onto Carrington Rd that has a traffic light.



2016-09-13 07:45

I don't see the logic, except to perhaps to increase through put for those going to the city. It has no regard for the locals who use this turn all the time - it is really going to clog up the side roads
Calab Vincent-goncalves
The author of this petition

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2016-09-13 08:06

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 Just to clarify as well, it is not going to help traffic flow as there will still be a right turn into Carrington so city bound traffic will still be stopped for this turn, to remove right turns when traffic is stopped anyway makes no logic at all



2016-09-14 00:39

Removing the right turn as planned is ridiculous



2016-09-14 03:05

Because I live on Allemdale Road and this decision will send even more cars down our already over loaded residential street at rush hour!!!!


2016-09-18 02:54

To remove this turn you are creating more congestion and increasing side street actively of right turns across busy streets. Surely right turns at lights are far safer for everyone in cars, motorbikes, cycles and pedestrians.  



2016-09-20 10:18

We live in Allendale road. It is already very busy, especially in the morning and after work. The road is very busy with the constant stream of traffic and buildup of cars trying to get out onto Mt Albert Rd. It is very difficult to even get out of our own drive.
The road is narrow due to the cars that line both sides as people park in the street all day to go and catch the train. By getting rid of the right turn, it will increase the problems already felt in this street.
This area is a residential area, with schools being affected. They will be even more affected by McLean st, used as a by pass to Allendale Rd.



2016-09-20 23:37

Because Eastbound traffic will tend to access Mt Albert Road via Richardson Road, Allendale Road or Summit Drive - all of which are narrow and have speed humps, many parked cars, children and pensioners and would cause major holdups and hazards for many more drivers attempting to turn right (Eastward) from Allendale Road along Mount Albert Road - a difficult and dangerous task eapecially at peak times. The present right turn from New North Road into Mount Albert Road removes all such hazards by controlling the Eastward turn at traffic lights.



2016-09-21 11:25

I live in one of the side streets that already has large numbers of vehicles speeding through using it as a 'rat run' this crazy idea will just make it worse and even more dangerous.



2016-09-22 22:42

Because I want that right hand turn from new north to mt Albert rd to stay, that is the route to my house



2016-09-30 21:10

Because the idiots who thought of removing the right hand turn need to be shot. They display no obvious understanding of the road usage in the area.



2016-10-18 18:57

Long time mt albert resident. Taking away the slip road will cause awful traffic on other parts of mt albert road and new north road and possibly silly u turns. If it ain't broke.....



2016-10-18 19:27

Because I live on Lloyd and it will create a lot of traffic through a family oriented street



2016-10-18 19:28

I use this route most days!



2016-10-18 20:14

I use this turn frequently to get from my house in sandringham to king's plant barn at weekends as it avoids the hell hole that is st Luke's. I can't see any reason why removing this turn is a good idea



2016-10-18 20:27

Because I make a right turn at that intersection at least once a day sometimes twice a day



2016-10-18 20:31

Because this is a ridiculous restrictive and impractical removal of a traffic turn . There are alternatives .



2016-10-18 21:26

the removal of the right turn into Mt Albert Rd, will put more pressure on the side roads. Also those people living off Woodward Rd will go via Willcott St and Woodward Rd , to turn right to get onto Mt Albert Rd creating further congestion in peak hour traffic.



2016-10-18 22:30

It is a ridiculous idea that will clog up neighbouring side streets. Lloyd Ave, Allendale Rd, Douglas Ave, McLean St, Ferner Ave are already narrow congested streets. Use common sense and do not make things worse than they already are.



2016-10-18 22:34

have been living in mt albert my whole life and use this turn regularly.



2016-10-18 22:38

Retaining the existing right turn into Mt Albert Rd is essential for efficient traffic movement



2016-10-19 10:10

It will hinder traffic flow, I can see no benefit.

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