Reopen Duck Creek Road in Scenic Rim

Duck_Creek_Road_What_is_being_asked_cropped1.pngWill you sign our petition and help us reopen Duck Creek Road - our scenic drive through a World Heritage National Park that having open will provide a boost to regional jobs and safety at the same time?

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We are a group of concerned locals in the Scenic Rim who have been waiting for action to reopen the public road to Green Mountains (O’Reilly’s) from Kerry – which has been closed since Cyclone Debbie way back in 2017!

Some of us have a historic connection and were part of the original building and maintenance of the road since 1988. Others are mourning the loss of the wonderful scenic forest drive through Lamington National Park to O’Reilly’; others still have lost employment opportunities on the mountain (what was a 30 minute trip is now 2 ½  hours); others want their holiday guests to have access once again to the special beauty and wildlife seen along the road; while others are concerned for the safety of the several hundred guests and bush walkers on O’Reilly’s and Green Mountain in the event of a fire or landslide, which would block the one remaining road.

There are many of us but we are from a small community which they can easily ignore – the more signatures in support of reopening the road, the stronger we become.

Please help us convince Council and the State Government that this unique tourism, employment and natural wonder is something the whole community deserves to have access to once again. Please sign our petition!

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