Keep the Cromwell Ater Hours Doctor Funding

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2015-08-05 23:09

We must have this service especially for our young and our elderly.



2015-08-06 03:41

I know first hand how critical the availability of after hours doctors in Cromwell is after being struck down with a serious case of Pancreatitis on Christmas Eve. They are already severely stretched, so to further reduce services would put the community & its medical staff in an unfair and untenable position. This is a growing community, with young families moving here as well as older members needing and deserving after hours help. This will have an adverse affect not only for current residents but also for people who had been planning to move here. Please don't take this drastic step!! Thank you



2015-08-06 09:22

Important for the community



2015-08-06 21:01

This is a vital service for our community



2015-08-06 21:31

This affects so many families, this is a growing town. Wake up area health board, what price a life.



2015-08-06 21:39

Because I believe that this is the most stupid idea the sdhb has ever had! I am an emergency doctor, and I honestly cannot believe it!



2015-08-06 23:08

This is not fully true get facts straight. You are upsetting people when it's not needed



2015-08-06 23:20

Because I have friends who have an asthmatic daughter who have frequently needed this service in the middle of the night!



2015-08-06 23:39

I have family in Cromwell - Cromwell needs good access to medical care



2015-08-06 23:42

I have two children with life-threatening allergies and this means that we need an afterhours medical service close by. Scary to think we would need to travel with our children to Alexandra in an emergency.



2015-08-07 00:17

Living in a rural community so far from a hospital surely an after hours doctors service is a neccesity. We are not a third world country yet we may as well be if this occurs as our medical services will be very poor!

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2015-08-07 01:44



2015-08-07 01:51

because lives will be lost. plus they do a great job

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2015-08-07 04:52



2015-08-07 05:05

because we are going backwards in this health system instead of what it costs too keep this going it should be about the health and safety of our people, didn.,t have this problem when we where growing up , i know population is growing but so are our taxes



2015-08-07 06:02

We need the support of a doctor in the local community.

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2015-08-07 07:49



2015-08-07 08:48

My father totally depended on this service to stay in his home in Cromwell during a long battle with Leukaemia. My Mother also relied on them during her terminal cancer These Doctors were awesome



2015-08-07 09:01

I live in arrowtown and hzve fzmikh anc many close friends livi g in cromwell



2015-08-07 09:06

I am a mother of three young children. With the nearest hospital so far from Cromwell, the after hours Doctor service is of great value to me and all local parents i expect. Cromwell is growing - we need more services in the area, not less.



2015-08-07 09:07

The medical center has voted not to accept this proposal but funding will be cut on 1 October



2015-08-07 09:40

This service is a necessity!! Crazy to try and cut it with such high numbers of families with young children, elderly citizens and a generally isolated population!!



2015-08-07 09:45

Small rural communities lose too many services and we are growing so the need to provide after hours care is greater not less! Also why has there been no public consultation over this important matter?



2015-08-07 10:45

I have had my wee boy in here and it's an amazing facility. Would hate too lose the "comfort" of knowing it's available for my under 5s.



2015-08-07 10:48

Cromwell is a growing town this population can only benefit fro after hours availability of experienced medical practitioners and support staff/