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2016-07-20 01:31

Valued member of of central otago football. His experience and knowledge of the game is something we can not afford to lose. Anyone who has been coached by Jamie holds him in high regard.



2016-07-20 02:00

Jamie does a great job of organising junior soccer.



2016-07-20 02:02

Jamies involvement with the club, is showing significant results in player development in our region. Queenstown progressed to the 1/4 final of the Chatham cup, which is a huge achievement for the club, and Jamie is intergral in that success. Jamies player development clinics is improving the standard of football being played and he is a encouraging manager for all grades in the club. Jamie is a really important part of our community, and deserves permanent residency.



2016-07-20 02:07

Jamie is an ABSOLUTE LEGEND when it comes to all things football in our community. He goes beyond what is expected of him in everything he does. He gives his all, and our children see this and respond by giving their all.  His dedication to the youths of this area is unquestionable.



2016-07-20 02:08

Jamie is fantastic football coach and an even better guy! Look forward to seeing a lot more of him in the future!



2016-07-20 02:11

Mr Whitmarsh is fantastic role model for the young people in our community. It is rare for small communities to retain people of Jamie skill set and calibre.



2016-07-20 02:12

Immigration is about attracting the right people to move here, who will input into the local community, and make it a more enjoyable place for everyone else. Jamie is absolutely one of those people.


#8 Keep Jamie here

2016-07-20 02:23

Please Immigration NZ, please listen to the people and allow Jamie Whitmarsh to stay. Jamie's contribution to New Zealand is absolutely significant.

Jamie is the sort of football coach and manager that the football community just needs to keep hold of. You will see him on the pitch day and late into the night under the floodlights, coaching, mentoring, planning and guiding the football mad kids and seniors. The kids love him, the parents love him, the community loves him.  The degree of skill, professionalism, passion for football and mentoring, most of it voluntary, that he has brought to the children here is unprecedented and unparalleled. Jamie has established a number of successful football training programmes for all levels and their success is measured by the demonstrable increase in skills and numbers playing football in the Central Otago region in just a couple of years, which flows on to benefit football in all of New Zealand. It would be a really significant loss if he could not continue his football work and it is most unlikely that his skills could be replaced. The football community would be devastated if he could not stay and New Zealand would be a much lesser place.


#9 He's a Keeper!

2016-07-20 02:24

Jamie makes such a significant contribution to our small community and across so many levels.  He has made a noticeable personal difference with all our children, and we are truly grateful that we have been able to benefit from not only his football skills and prowess, but also his interpersonal style and ability to express well chosen words to children, that make the difference in knowledge, understanding, and self-esteem. We wholeheartedly stand behind Jamie and his application to become a 'kiwi'.  Best of luck Jamie, you're a keeper!! 



2016-07-20 02:31

We have no future in the New Zealand football if Jamie can not lead the player everyday, every month and every year.

#11 Thanks Jaimie

2016-07-20 02:39

Hi Jaimie, you coach my grandchildren in Queenstown, so I only know you as "English Jaimie" that says "football NOT soccer". I love hearing the weekly reports from them after they finish their sunday games, its such a special way to end my week, and it's very obvious to me that you are present and encouraging, which is what a coach should be, and I think it's just wonderful. Good luck. 



2016-07-20 02:44

Because Jamie is very valuable to the football community not only in Central Otago but New Zealand football..



2016-07-20 02:45

Jamie and the football programmes he as arranged and run to encourage all youth, and in particular for girls, to participate in has been instrumental in allowing my two daughters to start playing. They are both relatively new to the sport but are loving it and will continue with it. I honestly do not think they would have stuck at it had it not been for the specialised after school  and holiday "girl only" programmes. Girls are still very much a minority in this sport but Jamie as been dedicated to lifting participation and I believe will continue to do so should he be able to continue with his role at Queenstown Football Association. We wholeheartedly support his application for residency in NZ.



2016-07-20 02:45

I was QT Rovers captain for years and know the effort that Jamie has put in over the years for kids in Central Otago!
It would be a big loss to the entire region for he was not able to stay doing what he does best coaching kids and improving there game



2016-07-20 02:50

There is no one of his calibre in the country who is able fill the role that he does.
He does way more that is expected of him for free.
He also instills ethical behaviour in the people he trains.



2016-07-20 03:04

I never played soccer/ football till my time living in Queenstown. I learned so much about the game and different plays etc all from this man!!! What he is doing for soccer in central Otago is unbelievable!!! You need him!!



2016-07-20 03:21

Jamie is passionate about football and making a difference with young New Zealanders. He always goes above and beyond his responsibilities, and ensures football in Otago moves forward. His knowledge, skills and commitment would be sorely missed and near on impossible to replace.



2016-07-20 03:23

He is football Otago!



2016-07-20 03:40

If a significant contribution is using every waking moment to formulate plans of action with respect to training in the hope of furthering the development of not only the players in Central Otago but the game as a whole, then he should get it. If a significant contribution is working tirelessly to provide a platform for junior, youth and senior players to develop their skill-sets and express themselves, then he should get it. If a significant contribution is providing a pathway for those same players to progress and excel both in the region and beyond, then he should get it. If a significant contribution is not only offering players such platforms and pathways but aspiring young coaches in the region as well, then he should get it. This shouldn't be all too difficult a decision to make. Jamie's contributions are certianly significant, and they transcend the game of football. Jamie is more than a football coach, he is a mentor as well. Jamie doesn't just develop players or the game of football...he develops people.



2016-07-20 03:45

Jaimie Whitmarsh has made an outstanding contribution in not only our local Queenstown community but the greater Central Otago Region. I wholeheartedly support Jaimie's residency application and implore Immigration New Zealand to allow the necessary medical waiver to enable him to obtain permanent residency.



2016-07-20 03:48

Cause he is an asset



2016-07-20 04:26

He is a vauable asset to our community and NZ as a whole.



2016-07-20 04:30

Jamie was instrumental in encouraging my daughter to play Soccer after he spotted her talent at the QPS girl soccer training - from this she joined QAFC and her personal development in playing a team sport and her improved body image and overall fitness has been fantastic for her and us as a family.
In addition Jamie has worked wonders with the Men's team getting them in contention for the Chatham Cup, why would we want to lose such a wonderful individual who contributes so much to our community



2016-07-20 04:54

Jamie has not only been fantastic for the Queenstown Football Club and the Queenstown community. He continuously and tirelessly works, grows, motivates and inspires our children in soccer and life skills.
My children look up to Jamie as a mentor, coach and a friend. He has developed Queenstown football into a club that now has so much to offer all children and teenagers of varying abilities. He actively promotes soccer throughout the region, in our schools and in our local communities, he reinforces positive behaviours and inspires all children to set goals in life and in soccer.
Jamie from the time he arrived in Queenstown has worked with the parents and community, he has given so much to us and our children. It would be a massive loss to Queenstown and New Zealand not to have Jamie working along and inspiring our children.



2016-07-20 05:00

He cares about tomorrow. Football kids used to leave the region at the end of primary school as there wasn't that much football for them here if they were serious. Jamie has now put in place real pathways and goals for them and they want to stay and train with him. Less kids leave every year as a result. Thats better for families. What a terrible shame if his momentum was lost.