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Talley's Boycott Petition

Please feel free to show your support by filling out our online petition. We are asking the Talley's Group to behave like good corporate citizens. By treating their workers with the respect and dignity in the workplace all employees deserve. The huge Talley's Group made particularly odious submissions undermining the vision of the original Health and Safety Reform Bill to protect worker safety. In particular, Talley's opposed the rights of workers to elect workplace health and safety representat

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Beskyt Graceland Randers Navnet!

(Scroll down to find the English version of the petition.) Så er "den lille mand", igen blevet kastet i kamp imod Goliat, som Mac Allan-sagen og sagen om Jensens Fiskerestaurant. Forleden blev det offentliggjort, at Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) i Memphis, sagsøger Henrik Knudsen (ophavsmanden bag Elvis hyldest museum i Randers) for 1,5 millioner danske kroner. Sagen får sin dag i Sø- og Handelsretten d.13-14. januar 2016. Inden da vil jeg gerne vise min opbakning til Henrik Knudsen og hans l

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Solidarity for the people of the world


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Save Esbjerg Ensemble

The management of the municipality of Esbjerg has proposed to cut its funding of Esbjerg Ensemble completely when the present contract expires in December 2017. Without the support of the municipality, the ensemble will also lose its governmental support, and thus with the stroke of a pen nothing will remain but a legend. There are many ensembles in the world, but only one Esbjerg Ensemble. Throughout the last 50 years, we have acted as a role model for Scandinavian ensembles. In january 2018 we

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Keep the Cromwell Ater Hours Doctor Funding

Southern Districts Health Board (SDHB) have notified the Cromwell Medical Centre that funding for the Cromwell based after hours doctor will be withdrawn on the 1st October 2015, with the service for the area from Millers Flat to Lindis Pass to be provided from a single doctor based at Lake Dunstan Hospital. This will have a serious impact on first response medical services in the Cromwell Basin. To support the continuation of this service, please SIGN THIS PETITION.

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Raising the drinking age back to 20.

I’m currently studying about Alcohol Harm in New Zealand and possible law changes. Help raise the drinking age back to 20 because the issue right now is that young teenagers have too much easy access to alcohol while being under-age. I believe there are not many mature 18 year olds that know their limit, it also causes a lot of violence in families and accidents due to alcohol. I can see that the current drinking age is a problem. To me as a student I believe that raising the drinking age would

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Raising the drinking age from 18 to 20

 As a Student I have been studying the issue of alcohol harm in New Zealand. I believe that because of the high rate of alcohol harm that the drinking age should be raised back to 20. This is supported by the fact that Parliament voted 72-49 against a private member’s bill by former Hamilton West MP Martin Gallagher to raise the drinking age back to 20 in 2006. This shows there is a support to raise the drinking age. Many people in our community are impacted by alcohol harm and one way to addres

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Policy Change; Raisng drinking age to 20

Please help change the drinking age back to 20 in order to prevent young people from drinking and getting hurt.

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Raising the drinking age to 20 years of age.

Help me help make the community we live in today become a much more safer environment by raising the drinking age up to 20 years of age. It is time for us to make a stand and make the right choices by creating a more stable community for our teenagers. I believe this will only be successful if we all join in together and stop the alcohol harm in New Zealand and the damage that it is causing.    If you agree with raising the drinking age from 18 up to 20 years of age please sign below. Thank you.

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Who wants the New Zealand flag to stay the way it is, then your in the right place. Why should the flag be changed when there's only very few that don't like it. Our ancestors fought and died for this flag and people are still fighting for it. It DOES NOT need to be changed. If you agree sign away and get this crap sorted once and for all. All of New Zealand gets a say not just parliament. 

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Save our 85 dogs and 20 puppies in Serbia!

Dear animal friends and Animal welfare activists!Unfortunately, this time we have no good news for you. Very sad news reached us from Serbia. The communal politicians of the municipality of Bac (Serbia) have decided to vacate our shelter or kill the rescued dogs!All documents that we have submitted (which were requested by the community), have "disappeared". We thought that if we do everything the legislator requires from us, we should be safe. We were proud of our performance and the home we bu

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Help us persuade the Waitamata Local Board to allow us use of land in Grey Lynn Park to create a playspace in the form of a GREY LYNN PUMP TRACK that will be a sealed all weather multi purpose facility catering to BMXers, Mountain Bikers, Skateboarders, Scooters and be suitable for use by kids from 3 years to young minded 68 year olds. With Grey Lynn's growing population we need somewhere like this for kids to play. The kids are keen to ride but they arent allowed to ride on the footpaths, the r

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Policy Change:Raising drinking age to 20

Help rase the drinking age back to 20 in order to decrease the number and the rate of young New Zealanders who are yet either to be in jail or hospital due to the drinking age which has been reduced to 18 and the fact that there is no limitation of the drinking age. It would also help minimize the amount of young New Zealanders being affected by the negative outcomes of the alcohol harm in New Zealand around communities. If you agree to raie the drinking age back to 20 in New Zealand then sign p

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Save Newmarket Stables, Durban

20th July 2015: Ethekweni Municipality served 1 months notice to Management, Committee members and family of Newmarket Stables, to vacate the premises by the 30th August 2015. Newmarket Stables, the last Equestrian club in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, has been given notice to vacate the premises it has occupied for more than a century, to make way for a new soccer academy. Equestrian world and people of Durban, we have only one chance to save this historical site. We have only one chance to retain th

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Policy Change: Raising the drinking age back to 20

Help raise the drinking age back to 20 to decrease the rate of young people in New Zealand ending up in either Hospitals or Jail due to the drinking age which has been reduced to 18 and the fact that there is no minimum drinking age. It would also help cut down on alcohol abuse in New Zealand.  If you agree to raise the drinking age in New Zealand back to 20 then sign please.

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Nuka-Cola by Coca~Cola.

Understanding the success and attention that is brought through promotional marketing to the gaming community, especially in snack foods and sodas that are very commonly associated with gaming crowds, it is overwhelmingly unprecedented that a 6 pack of glass bottle CocaCola with promotional Fallout 4 packaging design dubbed "Nuka-Cola" would be successful.   After the success of Pepsi's Mt.Dew Product "GameFuel"  that assisted promoting games such as Halo 3, World of Watercraft, Call of Duty MW3

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Cooperation for the Cultural Anthropology BA Program in Hungary

The Hungarian Cultural Anthropological Association expresses its deep concern about next year’s restriction on offering the cultural anthropology undergraduate program. We are equally concerned about the news releases regarding the possible elimination of the study of cultural anthropology, and with that, undermining the internationally recognized and institutionalized discipline of social science in Hungary.   The study of cultural anthropology has been committed serving society with its resear

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This is a petition to ask if you like digital english?? Please enter your name followed by a yes or a no meaning you either like or dislike it: e.g  name: Alison B. Age: 16 class: 10p option: No (Any extra notes enter here)  

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Ours is the fury: D&D bring back Stannis Baratheon

The final episode of Game of Thrones season 5 has put in jeopardy the life of one Stannis of the House Baratheon, rightful King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm. This Petition asks that the writers of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B Weiss, keep Stannis Baratheon alive for Season 6 of the show. It was infuriating to see a beloved character brought so low and apparently killed off in a brutal yet surprisingly boring way, as the ending be

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ben pickering dont cut your hair

please i beg of u this is ridiculous and i will not stand for it any longer i hope u all join me in this movement as i am very upset and distraught and i dont believe that i should have to deal with this my life is so unfair all i do is give and give and expect NOTHING in return and yet the ONE TIME I DO this happens and i am so furious and i need all of ur support please and thank u much appreciated :-)

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