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Allow for a 10% flexibility open road speed in New Zealand

Allow for cars that use public open roads a 10 % flexibility in open road speed limits of 100 kmh. the main reason for this is that car speedometers are not as accurate as the law allows for. A near minimal tread tyre versus a new tyre can be as much as 2% out so what are they calibrated to. A different brand or fitment of tyre can be up to 5% out in speed reading. Due to circumference variations. The speedo can be 1% out from factory on all new cars. Together with the fact that it often is no

Created: 2014-11-28 Statistics

Keep 19 Kids and Counting on TLC!

Let's petition TLC to keep the show 19 Kids and Counting on! There's a petition going around trying to get this amazing show cancelled. This family has brought inspiration to so many people including myself. With all of the disfunctional shows on TV and yes I am guilty of watching them, this show is about an amazing family that inspires me to be the best mother and wife that I can be. I am not the same religion, I don't have 19 kids, and I don't dress like them, but their message is something th

Created: 2014-11-19 Statistics

Save The Turret House!

We are asking Council to approve funding to purchase the property, to retain the house in its original setting and allow for the creation of a community asset that speaks to the history of the Roskill South/Lynfield/Blockhouse Bay area and the wishes of it's residents to see that history preserved.

Created: 2014-11-18 Statistics

Petition To Condemn The Conviction of Karpal

Please provide your Name and IC Please tick "NO" at "Show your signature in public?" for NOT showing your signature to the public.  

Created: 2014-02-28 Statistics

Reinstate CrossFit Tricolour

CrossFit Tricolour is a sanctioned athletic club at Queen's University with over 200 registered member and over 20 hours of group fitness classes every week. It is the fastest growing student club in recent history at Queen's and has been able to accumulate $50,000 of fitness equipment and assets for its membership in just 8 months of operations.  On December 4th, 2013, CrossFit was asked by Athletics and Rrecreation to suspend all club operations due to concerns regarding qualifications for ins

Created: 2014-01-06 Statistics

Stop Testing on Monkeys

I ask that the Regents immediately take action to stop the unethical and scientifically unnecessary use of nonhuman primates in experiments at University of California campuses and laboratories. Animal experimentation fails to hold the promise of new technologies, including nanotechnology, microfluidic methods, stem cell research and personalized medicine; or to yield the comprehensive results of well-established research protocols such as clinical and epidemiological studies.  Ethically, animal

Created: 2013-09-12 Statistics

Save their home

I need some serious help!!! Asking for a friend whose home is threatened by a dubious landlord.... Sally is a lovely lady. Has taken in three homeless people, and goes out of her way to help anyone, human or animal, in need. She rents her home through Barfoot and Thompson Meadowlands NZ, the house is on the market and the landlord refuses to fix anything. The house is full of mice, has rotted floors, black mould everywhere, one of the bedrooms is sinking, windows and doors don't shut properly,

Created: 2014-11-30 Statistics

Help Us Stop Torture

“Governments around the world are two-faced on torture – prohibiting it in law, but facilitating it in practice” - Salil Shetty, Amnesty International’s Secretary General   Our aim is to stop both civilians and government throughout the world torturing people; whether they are innocent or not. It is a basic human right to not be subjected to torture. This petition is one of the various campaigns we are starting to try and stop torture. If you would like to contact us about anything you can email

Created: 2014-10-16 Statistics

Campaign to force the CPS to review decision RE Summer Mai

Over two years ago today Summer died through no fault of her own. She dies after suffering "blunt force trauma" injuries to her skull. Other than falling from her cot and jumping back in again several times these injuries are as yet unexplained! It's reasonable to say these were more than likely inflicted on Summer by a third party at or around the 12 hours before her death. With Summer at this time were her Mother, and her mothers boyfriend. Up to present no one has ever been charged with Summe

Created: 2014-03-05 Statistics

Save the Danish National Chamber Orchestra

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DBC) has announced that it will shut down the Danish National Chamber Orchestra (DNCO) on January 1st 2015 due to budget cuts. The DNCO employs 42 musicians as well as the artistic team working with them. In Denmark, the DNCO is mostly known for its groundbreaking work in bridging the gap between classical and popular music. Under the direction of their world-famous chief conductor Adam Fischer the DNCO has, in the last 15 years, also gained international ac

Created: 2014-09-08 Statistics