Most popular petitions in New Zealand last 12 months

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Oppose Vape Shop close to Whakatane High School

Created: 2023-02-23 Statistics

Pedestrian/Bike Crossing instated at busy roundabout in Leamington, Cambridge

Created: 2023-03-03 Statistics

NO to a new cellphone tower at Resolution Rise Cooks Beach

Created: 2023-05-07 Statistics

Improve Vaping Policies in Aotearoa New Zealand to Protect Youth

Created: 2022-08-23 Statistics

We Need A Cure Tour 2023/2024

Created: 2023-06-08 Statistics

Rink Hockey to be considered for the Olympic Games

Created: 2023-09-12 Statistics

Ending sexist dress code rules at AJHS

Created: 2023-05-30 Statistics

Stop Government intensifying every suburb in our cities before it's too late.

Created: 2022-06-03 Statistics

Please fix the Karaka St and Wall St intersection

Created: 2023-08-29 Statistics

Scrap the deregistration of vehicles after Rego lapses

Created: 2023-04-13 Statistics

Stop the violation of section 18 in New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990

Created: 2021-11-06 Statistics

NZTA should reduce the speed limit form 70k to 50k in the residential area of SH2 - Main North Road, Bay View

Created: 2022-04-07 Statistics

Christopher Luxon must have the Leaders Debate in Christchurch before the election

Created: 2023-10-03 Statistics

Community expression of interest for the Bait al Hikmah STEAM project in Hamilton for children.

Created: 2023-07-19 Statistics

Taylor’s forgotten about us

Created: 2023-06-21 Statistics

Please support and stop trans women competing in our England Ladies Sea Angling Team.

Created: 2023-07-27 Statistics

External Review of Wests Tigers Operations

Created: 2023-07-03 Statistics

Fare Free Transport For Students

Created: 2023-04-30 Statistics

We Oppose the Symbolic Signing of Puketotara

Created: 2023-03-16 Statistics

Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity

Created: 2021-09-29 Statistics