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Stop the witch hunt on Principal B.B Isaacs

This petition is in aid of a principal who has served the WCED and his school for more than 30 years. Mr Brian Isaacs has had many previous altercations with the WCED.  But with the ever changing Department, it has come to a point where Mr Isaacs has been brought up on random nonsensical charges during the year. This has kept him out of school, thus reducing the amount of time he is able to spend in the classroom, teaching, or just being at the school, as its leader. Please support a man who be

Created: 2015-11-16

Time period All countries New Zealand
All time 1205 7

Raising the drinking age back to 20.

I’m currently studying about Alcohol Harm in New Zealand and possible law changes. Help raise the drinking age back to 20 because the issue right now is that young teenagers have too much easy access to alcohol while being under-age. I believe there are not many mature 18 year olds that know their limit, it also causes a lot of violence in families and accidents due to alcohol. I can see that the current drinking age is a problem. To me as a student I believe that raising the drinking age would

Created: 2015-07-28

Time period All countries New Zealand
All time 9 7

Raising the drinking age to 20 years of age.

Help me help make the community we live in today become a much more safer environment by raising the drinking age up to 20 years of age. It is time for us to make a stand and make the right choices by creating a more stable community for our teenagers. I believe this will only be successful if we all join in together and stop the alcohol harm in New Zealand and the damage that it is causing.    If you agree with raising the drinking age from 18 up to 20 years of age please sign below. Thank you.

Created: 2015-07-27

Time period All countries New Zealand
All time 7 7

For The amendment to the Law on Marriage and Family Relations

Coalition "It's about the children" gathered within a week 80,518 signatures of citizens who oppose the amendment of the law on marriage, that defines a marriage as a union between two people (not mentioning gender). The purpose of this petition is to show that there are more than 80,000 of us who think that we should all have EQUAL RIGHTS - we are against the referendum for which the coalition "It's about the children" is collecting signatures and the purpose of which is to reverse the law on m

Created: 2015-03-10

Time period All countries New Zealand
All time 30559 7

Stop Skerries Quarry Being Turned Into a Landfill Site

In skerries there is a disused Quarry. It has become a huge beautiful natural habitat for flora and fauna. Hidden in this beautiful place there is Irish hares, song thrushes and rare perigrine falcons.  There is a company Roadstone who have lodged an application to the authorities to turn the quarry into a landfill site (dumping ground). If this goes ahead the natural habitat for animals and the beauty of the quarry will be lost forever. I dont want to see this happn.  If this goes ahead it will

Created: 2015-02-22

Time period All countries New Zealand
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This morning my four month old puppy was beaten to death just because he left the yard for 15min!We were at all veterinary stations, police, veterinary institute, communal police and they all turned their backs to us. I beg you honestly, please help me to stop this monster!Sign the petition, help us to do something, I've loved this little angel!I truly thank you,- pregnant owner Alexandra Dimitrijević.How it all happened: puppy left the yard with my other two dogs, they broke the gate behind a h

Created: 2015-02-07

Time period All countries New Zealand
All time 16216 7

Bring back Tip Top Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream/ Mint Trumpets

Let's bring back our old favourate flavored Ice-cream. Mint chocolate chip flavored Ice cream surely is the best flavour hands down and has since vanished from our shelves. We can not stand this injustise! The more signatures we have, the more attention we will bring to this pressing matter, and at least get Tip Top to respond. The childeren of this generation deserve the same joy we experenced in our youth!We can do this!!  

Created: 2014-03-27

Time period All countries New Zealand
All time 8 7

Keep Le Kiosk

Keep Le Kiosk Restaurant - Manly Icon After 40 years Le Kiosk Restaurant has tendered to Manly Council to have their lease renewed.  This petition has been set up to show Manly Council the community support that had been expressed to local owners Kylie & John Hearn and the staff of Le Kiosk Restaurant and Sandbar Cafe for Le Kiosk to remain as is and to remain with local owners.

Created: 2014-01-21

Time period All countries New Zealand
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Nei til utbygging av Nedre Otta! - No to damming the Otta river!

I hereby oppose the plans of damming one of the last major rivers of Norway, making it the biggest norwegian hydro electrical project in modern times. Jeg sier herved nei til utbyggingsplanene for en av Norges største elver, det største vannkraftprosjektet i norsk, moderne tid. To oppose the damming of the Otta river is not just a local issue: It is an international claim. Å gå i mot en utbygging er ikke bare et lokalt initiativ: Det er et internasjonalt krav. This petition is meant to remind t

Created: 2012-11-16

Time period All countries New Zealand
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Free ASAP Rocky from Jail

Rapper ASAP Rocky has been arrested for suspicion of assault after getting into an altercation with two drug addicts who were provoking him and his crew, following them around and touching women without consent. Rocky was simply fighting him as self defence, but Swedish Police are viewing this an unwarranted attack. Rocky posted footage showing that he tried to keep the situation from escalating, proving his innocence.   ASAP ROCKY IS INNOCENT! #FreeRocky

Created: 2019-07-06

Time period All countries New Zealand
All time 1001 6