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Make a 8th Doctor Mini Series with Paul McGann

Paul McGann was brilliant in The TV Movie and "The Night of the Doctor" but we would like to see more mini episodes with him playing the 8th Doctor

Created: 2013-11-14

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HE WAKA PUPŪ, HE WAKA WAWAO,TŪ, TŪ KARANGATĀ! PETITION & CALL TOACTION FROM THE WAIROA HAPU SETTLEMENT TRUST On behalf of NGĀTI KAHU, NGĀTI RANGI AND NGĀTI PANGO Many of you would have received a letter from the Ngati Ranginui Iwi PSGE informing you that they have dismissed the mandated Wairoa hapu representative from the Iwi PSGE. The representative is our Kaumatua and long time advocate of ALL Wairoa Hapu, Te Ruruanga Te Keeti. This is the result of a long process in which we feel adamant

Created: 2013-11-14

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Ban Tail Docking on Dogs in Ireland

The Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 plans to allow members of the public to dock tails and remove dew claws from puppies. Vets are not allowed to perform these acts of mutilation and members of the public should certainly not be permitted as they have no access to pain relief. Please sign to make this barbaric practice illegal.  

Created: 2013-11-10

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New Zealand: Clean Up This Rape Nation.

To the government of New Zealand,   We are ashamed to say we live in this country. The way that the "Roast Busters" case has been handled has identified us (New Zealand) in the world as a rape nation. It is physically sickening to see the powers that be attempt to turn a blind eye to these massive issues, right in front of an outraged population. New Zealand wants action taken NOW, not only upon the group themselves, but the rape culture that lives, breathes and THRIVES in this country on a dail

Created: 2013-11-06

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Fight against Child Labour

Child labour refers to the employment of children in any work that deprives children of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school, and  is mentally, physically, socially dangerous and harmful. How would you  or your children like to be exploited and be forced to work for approximately 12 hours a day with no time to rest.   Please sign this petition to help Tiana Jakicevich, Gerogia Hughes and Sofya Vickers fight against Child Labour  

Created: 2013-11-03

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Ref: Enforcement Notice APP/X0360/C/13/2206131 If the enforcement notice issued by Wokingham Borough Council is successful the business will close with the loss of a very valuable asset to the community, several independent retailers and over one hundred jobs. The site will then return to the ugly, derelict, eye-sore that it was in 1993. Thousands of residents in Twyford and the surrounding areas want this business to be allowed to continue and offer all the existing products and services. All t

Created: 2013-10-29

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Save Pomegranate Restaurant

After an 18-month sustained campaign of harassment led by a neighbour, Pomegranate Restaurant (located at Antigua Street, Edinburgh) is being forced to remove ALL the lighting and signage from their business. The attached photo shows their "offensive" menu boards and their "eyesore" restaurant frontage. Having to comply with this order will have serious negative repercussions for this extremely popular restaurant. It will, in all likelihood, cost the owners and the many staff that they employ t

Created: 2013-10-12

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Support the Continuation of Te Whare Kakano Maori Medium Unit

Petition against the closure of Te Whare Kakano: Te Whare Kakano (TWK) was one of two bi-lingual Maori Medium Education (MME) units based in the South Kaipara rohe. It is now the last. We want out tamaariki and wider whanau to have the opportunity to learn Te Reo Maori if they so choose. Actioned petitioned for: We, the undersigned, are concerned at the closure of Te Whare Kakano Maori Medium Unit at Parakai School, we seek the following: I. Parakai School Board of Trustees accountability in

Created: 2013-10-09

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House Prices In New Zealand Are Too High, Sign If You Agree!

House prices in New Zealand are way too high & are only going to get worse. so sign the petition & let the government know that enough is enough & that we want a solution, lower prices!

Created: 2013-10-08

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Make A Change For The Pet Owners Of Kawerau

Currently the Kawerau District Council does nothing in the way of recording any deceased animal that they recover from the roads, parks, etc. After having one of my cat's disappear recently, I rung the council and asked if they had any idea of whether or not my cat may have been picked up off the road by the Tidy Kiwi vehicle, and my question remained completely unanswered. I am wanting the Council to start recording basic information about any animal they recover including the location of recov

Created: 2013-09-29

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