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Footpath for Kyle Road, Schnapper Rock, 人行道, 보행자 도로

430 Created: 2020-11-29 Statistics

Let Olly Comment!

10 Created: 2020-11-29 Statistics

Sign the petition in support of former Mayor Powell's suggestion for the Minister of Local Government to appoint a Crown Manager to Tauranga City Council.

182 Created: 2020-11-22 Statistics

Save Beauty at 305 Guest House

902 Created: 2020-11-10 Statistics

Crush the Quarry Featherston - Stop the Rock Crushing Onsite!

147 Created: 2020-11-04 Statistics

Appeal to reunite team of 5 million

569 Created: 2020-10-21 Statistics

Instalment of an enclosed dog park in Upper Hutt

234 Created: 2020-10-17 Statistics

Free Australian Tala Pauga: Australian parliament to examine Australia's Extradition Laws and Compatibility with Human Rights

489 Created: 2020-10-15 Statistics

Take the option of organ donation off the New Zealand Drivers License

6 Created: 2020-10-12 Statistics

#EndSARS #StopPoliceBuratality

4841 Created: 2020-10-10 Statistics

Will's visa application

207 Created: 2020-10-09 Statistics

Reconsider the proposed changes to the Lower Hutt Rubbish and Recycling

35 Created: 2020-10-08 Statistics

Save our local firewood and landscape services provider from being shut down by Auckland Council!

172 Created: 2020-10-04 Statistics

Justice for Hathras gang rape victim and her family and to penalize all police officers involved in the cremation of the rape victim

19423 Created: 2020-09-30 Statistics

Sassythatfood we are asking for support in our debate to stay at the pond and ask the waimakariri district council to help make us instead of being the cause for our closing

25 Created: 2020-09-17 Statistics

we want to see Halina Free in a preeettyyy dress

67 Created: 2020-09-11 Statistics

Make the rubbish bins bigger

27 Created: 2020-09-09 Statistics

Take away the parking spaces on Newton Road

26 Created: 2020-09-07 Statistics

NZRU: Make the North v South rugby match a 3 game series as a yearly fixture

36 Created: 2020-09-05 Statistics


69 Created: 2020-09-05 Statistics