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Parking Reform in Rotorua's CBD

223 Created: 2023-03-11 Statistics

New Proposed Position of Taramea Bay Toilets (opposite Taramea Bay Store) Seriously Impact Our Business

243 Created: 2023-03-09 Statistics

Pedestrian/Bike Crossing instated at busy roundabout in Leamington, Cambridge

60 Created: 2023-03-03 Statistics

Refund attendees of "Monster Truck & FMX Spectacular" at Baypark arena, Tauranga 25 February 2023

10 Created: 2023-02-27 Statistics

Oppose Vape Shop close to Whakatane High School

65 Created: 2023-02-23 Statistics

I love the new look of the Farmers Block, let's keep going without a costly redesign of George Street!

173 Created: 2023-02-15 Statistics

Help stop the lower speed limits in Auckland.

129 Created: 2023-01-24 Statistics

Oppose Russia's Tyranny by giving 10 LAVs to Ukraine

8 Created: 2023-01-18 Statistics

Petition to restore TFX tokens to minimum USDT value with immediate effect

5373 Created: 2023-01-15 Statistics

Save the McDougall as our Museum of Historical Art

672 Created: 2022-12-02 Statistics

Free Ben

10 Created: 2022-12-01 Statistics

Live self-governed, protected by their own laws.

8 Created: 2022-11-25 Statistics

The allowance of BENCH PARK

45 Created: 2022-11-13 Statistics

Citizens vote of No Confidence in the Labour Government of NZ

124 Created: 2022-10-28 Statistics

Proceed with Ōtepoti Dunedins George St Upgrade as planned

345 Created: 2022-10-27 Statistics

No motels on Stanley St

34 Created: 2022-10-02 Statistics

More inpatient support for mental health

16 Created: 2022-09-24 Statistics

Dargaville needs a Dog Exercise Park

48 Created: 2022-09-20 Statistics

To Preserve & Protect Observation Rock, Stewart Island / Rakiura.

168 Created: 2022-09-10 Statistics

Improve Vaping Policies in Aotearoa New Zealand to Protect Youth

64 Created: 2022-08-23 Statistics